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Outdoor Discovery Atlas - Free with orders of $35 or more on the PA Wilds Marketplace!

The 40+ page PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas is the go-to guide for people looking to explore the wonders of the PA Wilds. Now as a special offer, the PA Wilds Marketplace is giving away the Outdoor Discovery Atlas for free with any orders of $35 or more!

November 15, 2022

Things We Are Thankful for in the PA Wilds

The Thanksgiving season reminds us of the things for which we are grateful: family, friends, health, prosperity, creative endeavors and the awe-inspiring landscape that surrounds us. Our Pennsylvania Wilds region gives us plenty to give thanks for, especially with its rich history and endless variety of natural beauty. Let’s take a moment and remember the things we are much thankful for in the PA Wilds!

November 7, 2022

Taking ownership, catching up, and accepting autumn

The wind blew and a decision was made. Stephanie Distler took ownership of her entire studio, moving her workbenches and sawhorses into the other side of the room. She shows the process of changing her workspace!

October 12, 2022

A Labor of Love

Although many people in the United States think of Labor Day as the unofficial end to summer or just a fun day to grill and hang out with friends one last time in the warm weather, the holiday actually began in some of the darkest days of America’s industrial history. When you buy a product from the PA Wilds Marketplace, you can feel proud knowing that these products were dreamt of, designed, crafted, printed and created by artisans who are happily making a living here in the PA Wilds.

September 1, 2022

Jabebo Earrings: Recycling cereal boxes into jewelry that celebrates nature

The staff at Jabebo Earrings celebrates nature, science and the animal kingdom in a special way. All of the earrings are handmade with post-consumer paperboard from cereal box cartons. Flip the finished, laminated earrings over and the original box packaging is still visible!

August 10, 2022

Key to the PA Wilds

Jewelry artisan and proud Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania member Stephanie Distler was asked to make a special "Key to the PA Wilds" for Meredith Hill, the recipient of the 2022 PA Wilds Champion Award for Outstanding Leadership.

August 6, 2022

Spark-Pixel shoots PA Wilds Marketplace video at Stephanie Distler Studios

The PA Wilds Marketplace is working on a video, highlighting some of the artisans who sell products on this platform. Stephanie Distler writes about her experience as Spark-Pixel visited her jewelry studio.

July 14, 2022

Interview with Rhianna Speck - Side Door Soaps

"Hippies use Side Door Soaps!" Rhianna Speck, creator and owner of Side Door Soaps, thinks that the products you use on your body should smell good and be good for you... and represent your unique self! Side Door Soaps & Sundry Co. handcrafts soaps, lotions and balms for sensitive skin using essential oils and plant materials that are nourishing and wholesome to offer dry, itchy skin a gentler cleansing and moisturizing option for a family-friendly budget.

July 6, 2022

Made in the USA

Does it matter where the things you buy come from? We think so. And because you’re shopping here, you’re proving that you think so too. In our PA Wilds Marketplace, we sell products that are proudly dreamed up, handcrafted, painted, printed and produced here in our Pennsylvania Wilds.

June 29, 2022