Curt Weinhold starry photography featured in exhibit at Gmeiner in Wellsboro

Curt Weinhold starry photography featured in exhibit at Gmeiner in Wellsboro
May 2, 2024 32 view(s)
Curt Weinhold starry photography featured in exhibit at Gmeiner in Wellsboro

Press release information from Carrie Heath, director of the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center

An artisan who often photographs the Dark Skies of the Pennsylvania Wilds has an exhibit at an art gallery in Tioga County.

The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro is pleased to announce the extension of the current Atrium Gallery exhibit “The PA Wilds by Day and Night.”

This exhibit is by Curt Weinhold, a photographer from Coudersport who is well-known for his photographs of the Dark Skies, as well as local nature scenes. This exhibit will remain on display until Sunday, June 2nd.

Curt says of the exhibit, “I see my photos as a way to show a piece of the natural world, encouraging others to appreciate and preserve these resources.”

Curt Weinhold is originally from Lancaster County, but after visiting Potter and Tioga counties as a teenager, decided he wanted to move here. He has lived in Coudersport for more than half his life. When he wasn’t at his 40-hour-per-week day job, Curt started taking wedding photographs and doing portrait sessions in his home studio. However, it was always the outdoors that called to him and his camera.

Curt has been promoting the special places of northcentral Pennsylvania with photography for many years. Though he traveled to many National Parks, Curt has always been most passionate about the beauties of what’s now known as the PA Wilds.

He enjoys the photographic adventure of searching for wildlife, wildflowers, waterfalls and the starry night skies. He wants to show all subjects in the best light, or the best darkness in the case of the night sky. During the dark of the moon, Curt often teaches nightscape photography classes at Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County. The darkest place on the East Coast is a magnet for many stargazers.

How to find Curt Weinhold's artwork at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center

All of his photos in this exhibit are for sale. Some are framed under glass, and others are printed on canvas. Curt has also brought many prints of his photos, offering a variety of price points. His photos are also for sale in the Potter County Artisan Center in Coudersport, where he teaches classes.

The Gmeiner is open from 12-6PM Tuesdays through Sundays and is located at 134 Main Street in Wellsboro behind the Green Free Library. Admission to the gallery is free. 

Find select Curt Weinhold pieces on the PA Wilds Marketplace

Some of Curt Weinhold's photography can be purchased here, on Curt Weinhold's storefront on the PA Wilds Marketplace.