Get to Know Goot Essa

Get to Know Goot Essa
September 27, 2023 101 view(s)
Get to Know Goot Essa

Get to know one of our newest makers on the PA Wilds Marketplace... Goot Essa!

Goot Essa began in 2001 when a group of Amish dairy farmers came together as a six-family cooperative. Their goal has always been to use their cheesemaking expertise to ensure every generation has the means to stay on the farm.

In the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect, “Goot Essa” means “good food” or “good eating.” It’s only natural they named their group Goot Essa, because they want to share their love for handcrafted, European-style cheese with you — so you can share it with friends and family.

Goot Essa works their fields in the traditional way – with horses and manpower instead of machines. Every member contributes to the good of the farm, the family, and in turn, the whole community.

Their farms are small, allowing each acre and animal to be cared for with love and respect for nature. Goot Essa’s small-batch approach to cheesemaking ensures the products are flavorful and unique.

Goot Essa wants you to experience food fresh from the farm, processed at the peak of flavor. 

In addition to their cheeses, Goot Essa also offers fudge, jams, jellies, spreads and mustards on the PA Wilds Marketplace.

All of Goot Essa's product descriptions come with a flavor profile, color, texture, and presentation description. This is perfect for deciding which cheese, fudge, mustard or spread might be your favorite, and it can also help you pair the flavors together to make your own gift basket!

Goot Essa Cheeses

Der Alpen Kase is a signature cheese on a cheese board or dessert plate, and somewhat surprisingly, melts into a complex mixture of earth, butter, and nut flavors. Great in a carbonara sauce, soups, and mixed into a cheese log. This cheese enhances the flavor of grilled red meats, cured meats, especially hearty salami, smoked bacon, and ham.  It also pairs well with various stone fruits, caramelized apples, multigrain biscuit breads, and maple candied nuts, spicy brown mustard, garlic bread, and earthy jams.

Goot Essa Der Edel Bleu Kase is a farmstead, Stilton-style blue cheese with a mild cheddar cheese base. This cheese is designed to be star on a cheese plate and a charcuterie board.  However, it also adds zest and definition to so many foods such as salads, burgers, all types of steaks. It aso makes a great dip and functions well in a cheese log.

Goot Essa Felsa Yehr is an Amish interpretation of a cave-aged Manchego-style cheese and is one of our signature, gourmet cheeses. It balances many sweet and spicy foods on the charcuterie board. As an appetizer, it goes well on a French bread or on warm wedge of toast. This farm stead cheese demands a spicy mustard or tangy red beets along with fresh grapes and quince paste.

Goot Essa Garden Pepper Jack is an all-natural, hand-made washed curd raw cow milk cheese with pieces of cayenne and jalapeño peppers mixed in.  This cheese has a peppery bite and piquancy tempered by a creamy taste and a smooth, semi-soft texture. This cheese cooks well in pizza tacos, melts well on burgers and buffalo chicken wings. This cheese goes great with green onions, sour fruits, and sesame seed crackers.

This is just a small selection of the many cheeses available by Goot Essa in their PA Wilds Marketplace storefront!

Goot Essa Mustards

Goot Essa Gideon’s Sweet Dipping Mustard is a home-made dark, sweet mustard especially designed for dipping into or placing onto cheese.  The recipe is typical of central Pennsylvania and has been handed down for generations.  The color is dark brown while the texture is spreadable.  The taste is fruity sweetness, balanced with hints of baked meringue.

Goot Essa Sweet and Spicy Dipping Mustard is a home-made mustard especially designed for dipping into or placing onto cheese.  It has a mild horseradish flavor with a rounded sweetness. Ingredients of this mustard include mustard seed, both yellow and brown, vinegar, molasses, and a dash of hot pepper.

Reuben’s Stone Ground Mustard is a true, old fashioned mustard made from a recipe that comes from John Esh’s uncle. It is coarse but spreadable. The flavor is pungent with a hint of cider and red wine vinegar.

Henry’s Horseradish Mustard, produced  from a recipe that comes from our cheese maker’s grandfather, is made with coarsely ground mustard seed mixed with fresh garden horseradish. This brown mustard is coarse and spreadable. It is a sharp flavor but not overly spicy.

Goot Essa Spreads

Goot Essa Autumn Dawn Apple Butter is an all-natural, home-made fruit butter made in the traditional manner. This unique apple butter is made with three different types of apples which are boiled down and combined with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and brown sugar. This is an old Esh family recipe, highly esteemed by the community. The combination of crisp apples and natural sweetness provide more of an apple flavor than is typical of commercial apple butters.

Goot Essa Dutch Treat Raspberry-Red Beet Spread is an all-natural, home-made conserve unique to our Amish heritage.  The taste of this conserve is of red ripe raspberries combined with the earthy undertones of garden raised red beets. The Amish people often combine what seem to be widely different tastes in order to produce an entirely new experience. Many of these recipes were developed from the desire to save fruits grown in the family garden. These preserves are used as gifts and are highly prized among families.

This is just a small selection of the many spreads available (including other jams, jellies and even honey) by Goot Essa in their PA Wilds Marketplace storefront!

Goot Essa Fudges

Goot Essa Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge is what you remember when you were a child going to visit your uncle’s farm. This fudge is creamy and sweet, without being overly so. The texture is satiny smooth, and the fudge has a rich, deep milk chocolate flavor.

Grandma’s Chocolate Walnut Fudge by Goot Essa is another family recipe. In by-gone days, the whole family would spend the evening shelling walnuts for the next week’s fudge. The texture has a rich smoothness but with perceptible pieces of walnut. The intense walnut taste is tempered by a milk chocolate base.

This is just a small selection of the many spreads available (including a dark chocolate fudge and a creamy peanutbutter fudge) by Goot Essa in their PA Wilds Marketplace storefront!