Shop the PA Wilds for Mom this year

Lip and cheek tint for moms
April 21, 2022 119 view(s)
Shop the PA Wilds for Mom this year

Whether Mom lives in the PA Wilds or it’s one of her favorite places to visit, give her a unique gift that shows her appreciation for the Pennsylvania Wilds!

The Wilds Are Calling Travel Mug

If Mom is always carrying around her favorite hot beverage on her adventures, make sure she’s showing her PA Wilds pride! Even better… this cup is made out of 40 percent recycled paper! It’s still dishwasher and microwave safe, so there’s no special care required. She’ll be happy to know it’s also BPA free. No matter where Mom’s travels might take her, she’ll always remember the PA Wilds when she sips her drink.

Find the mug here!

The Indigo Scarf

For the mom who always seems to have a book tucked into her bag, why not treat her to a local tale about the lengths a pioneer woman will go to save her family? The Indigo Scarf is based on the true story of two ex-slaves and the white women they’re forbidden to be with, fleeing through post-colonial Pennsylvania into a wild frontier. The book, which has scenes along the West Branch and in Williamsport, shows a woman’s devotion and the lengths she will go to save her love. Signed by the author.
All of PJ Piccirillo’s books at are available with a 10% discount until June 19.

Find the book here!

Jabebo Earrings

These delicate, detailed earrings are sure to spark curiosity and interesting conversations! Look closely… these earrings are a set, but they don’t mirror each other exactly. It’s hard to choose a favorite from Jabebo’s wide selection of earrings, but you’re bound to find one that matches Mom’s personality. This jewelry is perfect for nature lovers, animal enthusiasts, and the environmentally conscious. These earrings are actually made from cereal boxes! If you look on the reverse side and on the product’s packaging, you’ll see the unique way they were created before being expertly protected with a clear coat.

Find Jabebo earrings here!

Organic Cheek and Lip Tint

Raising children with love and care gives every mom a special glow, but you can help your mother stay even more naturally radiant with an organic cheek and lip tint!  The mauve color is made from all organic and vegan ingredients, like alkanet root powder and cocoa powder. This tint leaves skin feeling soft, along with its gentle color. (And this product is crafted by hand by a mom who started her business, Blackberry & Sage Market, out of a passion for creating a more sustainable future for her own children!)

Find the lip tint here!

The Crick Is Calling Sticker

Do you have fond memories of Mom taking you to that secluded little crick in the woods by your home? Maybe you caught your first fish with her by your side. Maybe she dipped her feet in the water while you happily splashed… and she always seemed to have an extra set of dry clothes after you were done. Honor those special memories with a waterproof and weatherproof sticker, perfect for cars, kayaks, coolers, or anywhere else!

Find the sticker here!

Better Skin Soap

Help Mom indulge with a luxurious bar of rich, gentle, protective soap. The high quality oils, shea butter, and vitamin E work together to moisturize and nourish her skin. Lavender and peppermint oils soothe skin and calm body and soul. If Mom deals with acne, psoriasis, or eczema, this soap also has tea tree oil, which is an anti-inflammatory.

Find the soap here!

Lady Mantis Print

For the mom who is elegant yet quirky, we’re sure you’ll find no other gift quite like this limited edition “Lady Mantis” Renaissance-style artwork. This archival signed print is certainly unique! Although the artist (Ellen Paquette) paints other Renaissance animals, this praying mantis could be exactly the unusual gift that would tickle Mom’s funny bone… especially if she’s the kind of person who would joke about eating her mate!

Find the print here!

Modern Bark Texture Copper Earrings

These copper earrings are stylish with a hint of Mother Nature. Although you might not notice it from a distance, they have a bark-like texture. Simple and elegant, Mom can wear these every day or for special occasions. Like all products we recommend, this jewelry is made by a local artist, Stephanie, and is handcrafted with expertise and love.

Find the earrings here!

Elk on a Bike Shirt

This shirt will have friends, family, and strangers asking Mom, “Wait, is that an elk on a bike?!” The PA Wilds are home to the largest elk herd in the Northeast, but the Wilds also boast a growing number of rail-trails and mountain bike courses. The shirt is also available in both short sleeve and long sleeve, and in adult, youth, toddler, and even onesie sizes. The whole family could match! If Mom is an avid biker or just loves a leisurely ride, she’ll appreciate this funny shirt… because sometimes you just don’t feel like hoofin’ it.

Find the elk on a bike shirt here!

PA Wilds Grocery Tote

Who knows home better than a mom? Our home is nature, and we can reduce our impact on our home by using and reusing this tote. Carry anything you need… groceries, picnic items, office paperwork, or clothes for a weekend getaway! Help make The Pennsylvania Wilds a home for generations to come.

Find the grocery tote here!

Find all these amazing products for Mom and many more by perusing the entire PA Wilds Marketplace here. You're sure to find something that is just the right fit!

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