Stick to it! Stickers that show your love of nature and the PA Wilds

PA Wilds Stickers
February 2, 2023 72 view(s)
Stick to it! Stickers that show your love of nature and the PA Wilds

Stick to it! Stickers are a fun, inexpensive way to show your pride in the place you live, express your love for somewhere you visited, share an interest and display your personality for all to see! They can be placed on coolers, water bottles, mugs, kayaks, vehicles, appliances, binders or almost anywhere you can think of!

Check out just some of the stickers that were designed in the Pennsylvania Wilds and celebrate the people and creatures who live here, the outdoor activities that we enjoy, the places we love and the values we hold close to our hearts.

Pennsylvania Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

Created by Sisters' Sunflowers, this sticker features some of the artisan's favorite places in PA on a map of (ou guessed it)... PA! A fairly big sticker of places and attractions in PA! Make sure to zoom to see if your favorite towns are included!

Stay Wild, Stay Weird Bigfoot Sticker

Do you love the thrill of searching for Bigfoot and wondering if he's out in the woods of the PA Wilds somewhere? Or do you just admire Bigfoot's mystery and wild sense of adventure? Let others know you're a Bigfoot fan and remind others to "stay wild, stay weird" with this unique sticker from PA Made.

Height and Hike Bumper Sticker

Let the car following yours know you made it! It's quite a feat to traverse the Kinzua Bridge State Park Skywalk and descend and ascend the Kinzua Creek Trail. If you make it, you definitely deserve an "I survived the Height and Hike" bumper sticker as a reward. Let everyone know that you hiked down, climbed up, and walked over something like 225 feet!

Leonard Harrison State Park Sticker

Here by popular demand, these oval LHSP stickers celebrate not only Leonard Harrison State Park but the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon as a whole! Whether you have a collection of these oval stickers or just want a sticker that encompasses both Leonard Harrison State Park and the PA Grand Canyon, these stickers are perfect to attach to any surface you want to display your love of the PA Grand Canyon!

Critter Conservation Sticker Pack

Whereas other featured stickers in this blog come with just one single design, this sticker pack by PA Made comes with FOUR high-quality stickers based around the theme of conservation. The approximately 3in x 3in die-cut waterproof vinyl stickers include "Save the Critters, Don't Litter," "Save the Bees, Save the Trees," "If you Care, Leave it There" and "Keep my Home Free of Debris."

KBSP Fall Colors Sticker

This sticker captures the beauty of the Pennsylvania Wilds in a scene that usually only those brave enough to descend the Kinzua Creek Trail in the fall get to see. It's quite a feat to traverse the Kinzua Bridge State Park Skywalk, reinvented in 2011 from the bridge established in 1882 in Mount Jewett, PA, and descend and ascend something like 225 feet of the Kinzua Creek Trail. This sticker captures that unique perspective from the bottom of the trail, truly displaying the scope of the bridge, in the most colorful time of the year without the crowd one would normally see on one of those days. If you love this sticker image, let it stick around all year long by getting one of your own to reminisce about your adventure to Kinzua Bridge State Park!

Hike More Scenic Boot Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

You know what to do. A swift boot to remind you to get out there and HIKE MORE! Whether you're looking to show off your love of hiking by placing it on your vehicle or on a thermos, this sticker will remind you of the simple pleasure of getting your boots dirty. This sticker is a great gift for a hiker, outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, a great stocking stuffer!

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