Take the New Year to treat yourself to the PA Wilds

Take the New Year to treat yourself to the PA Wilds
December 15, 2021 111 view(s)
Take the New Year to treat yourself to the PA Wilds

The hustle of the holiday season is almost over and soon you will have the most important task of every new year - taking time to focus on treating yourself! Whether it's taking time to be outside or treating yourself to the amazing locally made items on the Marketplace, carve out some time to celebrate the past year and look forward to all that is to come. 

For those who want to stay in the warmth of their homes for New Year's Day, why not treat yourself to these locally made items from PA Wilds entrepreneurs? There is so much on the Marketplace to help plan your next adventure and celebrate the PA Wilds! Two key items are critical for navigating and exploring the PA Wilds: PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas & PA State Parks & State Forests Passport.



If you are like me, you love to hike but you may not know where to start. Look no further than the PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas. This book will help you discover not only the best hiking trails, but outlooks, boat docks, RV and camping sites, and so much more. Unlock your guide to the beautiful PA Wilds. 



The PA Wilds has 29 state parks and 8 state forests within the region. To make sure you get to them all, get the PA State Parks & State Forests Passport! The book features the highlight of each park & forest in the state of PA as well as a space to get a stamp from that park. Grab yours and discover the natural beauty of the PA Wilds.

There are even more items to shop for in the PA Wilds Marketplace from beauty products to posters - shop the Marketplace today!



For those who want to celebrate New Year's Day by taking in the fresh air and beautiful scenery check out the First Day Hikes that are being hosted in many state parks in the PA Wilds! First Day Hike originated in 1992 Massachusetts, but by 2012 became a national movement led by America’s State Parks organization. PA’s own Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (DCNR) is no exception to this tradition and has First Day Hikes scheduled at many of their state parks. With the PA Wilds region holding more than 2 million acres of public land, it's almost impossible not to go on a hike in this beautiful region! 

Find the list of all PA State Parks participating in First Day Hike, and other events, on the DCNR Calendar of events.