WC Blooms’ 2024 Flowers: Sharing Locally Grown Flowers & Resources

WC Blooms’ 2024 Flowers: Sharing Locally Grown Flowers & Resources
June 21, 2024 72 view(s)
WC Blooms’ 2024 Flowers: Sharing Locally Grown Flowers & Resources

Sally Azzato has been growing specialty cut flowers in her home gardens for years, getting so much joy from hearing how much her flowers reminded customers of wonderful memories from their past. Customers will pick up a bouquet at her roadside stand to make their homes feel more peaceful and put together. They may gift flowers to a friend who is ill, or going through a rough time, reminding Sally of the healing power of flowers. She is touched that her efforts in growing them can be a part of those journeys. For her customers who don't live close enough to pick up a bouquet, she has developed various resources to teach them how to grow and harvest from a small cutting garden, with creative ways to use the blooms once cut.

Sally has an ebook download available on ShopThePAWilds.com called “The Giving Garden: How to Create a Cut Flower Garden in a Small Space” which includes 6 of her favorite flowers to cut and display in a vase. You'll learn what varieties to look for, how to plant and harvest each one, as well as substitutions that you may prefer! You don't need to start seeds indoors, you don't need a greenhouse- you'll just need a 15 square foot area, or several containers to get started after your danger of frost has passed. This guide provides everything you'll need, including a sample layout plan and printable sheets you can take straight to your planting site. It will set you up for success so that you can experience the joy and connection to nature that beautiful flowers can bring.


How to Buy Fresh Cut Flowers:

Interested in buying fresh flowers directly from WC Blooms? Their growing season is typically May to September, and there are several ways you can get your hands on these unique, local blooms in 2024:

Bouquet Club:

Enjoy a monthly selection from the best of what is being harvested each month - fresh wrapped bouquets May-September, and a dried floral pumpkin for October, at convenient pick-up locations in Kersey and St. Marys.


Roadside Cart:

Visit the cutest flower cart in Elk County when extra blooms are available and weather permits - contact us for exact directions and follow social media for cart updates.


Market Bouquets at The Queen of Tarts:

Follow WC Blooms on social media to know when to expect a delivery of beautiful, fresh bouquets ready for purchase via QR Code about once a month. The Queen of Tarts is located at 8 East Long Ave in Dubois, PA.

Bloom Bar:

This is a DIY option for your next special event (great for bridal/baby showers). Priced per person, with a minimum of 18 guests, you’ll pick up buckets of blooms for them to create their own bud vase. This interactive display gives guests something unique to do; their finished vases become the centerpiece for the tables, and doubles as their take-home gift! Contact Sally at least a month in advance to find out what all is included, what you’ll need to provide, and how it all works!

DIY Bucket:

A loose bucket featuring a variety of what’s growing in the garden, for you to design your own bud vases for your special event. Contact Sally for more details.

*If you are a small business owner and would like to schedule a Pop-Up or Workshop inside your business, contact Sally!