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"Share the Beauty"

Hello, I'm Steve Brady, the eye and heart behind Brady Photography's lens, where each frame is not just captured, but co-created with the spirit of the wilds. My journey with photography began in the late 1970s, a gift from my father along with his old Minolta film camera. It sparked a love that has only deepened with time, a passion nurtured through 4-H programs, and honored at County and State fairs.

The changing tools from dark rooms to LightRoom have enhanced the way I convey the stories of the PA Wilds—those rolling mountains, the serene Rose Valley Lake, the quiet wilderness—that all come alive in my photographs. I've sought to not just photograph but to translate the emotional tapestry of nature into a visual symphony.

My collection, available at, offers you more than just prints. It's an invitation to experience and share the beauty of the PA Wilds. Whether it's through a fine art piece adorning your wall or a greeting card sent to a loved one, each image is an echo of the wilderness, meant to inspire and transform your living space into a gallery of natural wonder.

Join me. Let's inspire each other to see the world, preserve its moments, and hold the PA Wilds close to our hearts.

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