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Pennsylvania, United States
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"Making Pennsylvania A More Magical Place"

My name is Breanna and I founded Willow Bee Clover Co. in 2022 as a way of sharing my clover collection with the world! Spreading positivity, joy, and magic is, and always has been, my ultimate goal! I have a knack for finding four-leaf clovers, and back in 2022, once my collection amassed over a thousand clovers, I knew I could and should try marketing them so others could enjoy them too! I thought, “there’s nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature,” so I decided to utilize the naturally beautiful flowers and foliage around me and began collecting flowers from the Allegheny National Forest, drying them out, and encasing them in resin to create scenic good-luck charms, with a clover at the forefront of every design. Going along with the theme of natural/organic beauty and good luck, I decided to start putting healing crystals in my designs too, such as amethyst, rose quartz, obsidian, and more! I’ve since grown as an artist and now offer many products in many designs; ranging from bookmarks, to Christmas ornaments, to golf ball markers, and much more! This venture has been the greatest decision of my life; allowing me to spend more time in nature hunting clovers and picking flowers and just enjoying the serene beauty of the PA Wilds. This journey has been incredible, and I have YOU to thank for that! Thank you for checking out my art, and whether you’re purchasing or just looking, I hope it brings you the same joy it brings me! Read more... Read less
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