Experience Our Landscapes

The PA Wilds region is a large region covering a quarter of the Commonwealth. Our communities share a rich lumber, conservation and cultural heritage. However, there are also sub-regions in the PA Wilds, known as Landscapes, that have their own unique character and place-specific experiences. Each of our Landscapes has its own remarkable assets and identity. And they can make your trip planning (and shopping) even easier!

Sunflower Field in Allegheny National ForestSunflower Field in Allegheny National Forest
Allegheny National Forest + Surrounds
Elk Country
Trees in Cook ForestTrees in Cook Forest
Cook Forest + The Ancients
Sky full of stars in Dark Skies RegionSky full of stars in Dark Skies Region
Dark Skies
Baseball Statue in I-80 Frontier RegionBaseball Statue in I-80 Frontier Region
I-80 Frontier
Man in hammock overlooking PA Grand CanyonMan in hammock overlooking PA Grand Canyon
Pine Creek + The PA Grand Canyon