Cook Forest & The Ancients

Ancient pines and hemlocks form old growth forest cathedrals and inspire the name of this landscape near the southwest corner of the PA Wilds. Referred to as a “land of giants,” the wooded hillsides are home to some of the tallest trees east of the Mississippi, as well as creative makers like us who draw inspiration from the history of our forests when crafting products like the ones seen here.

Cook Forest & The Ancients Makers

PJ Piccirillo at desk writingPJ Piccirillo at desk writing

PJ Piccirillo

Stephanie Distler making jewelryStephanie Distler making jewelry

Stephanie Distler Studio

TSW GamesTSW Games

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Cook Forest & The Ancients Products

Heartwood bookHeartwood book


Copper feather fold formed pendantCopper feather fold formed pendant

Copper Feather Fold Formed Pendant

Engraved Wooden Train OrnamentEngraved Wooden Train Ornament

Engraved Wooden Train Ornament

Wood Cut Adult Short Sleeve ShirtWood Cut Adult Short Sleeve Shirt

Wood Cut Adult Short Sleeve Shirt

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PA Wilds Landscapes MapPA Wilds Landscapes Map

Wildlife, fresh air, and tall trees aren’t the only natural resources native to the Pennsylvania Wilds. A strong and creative artisan community thrives here, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that is all around.

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We recently transitioned from an online gift shop to a maker marketplace. This means that instead of only selling products from PA Wilds Conservation Shops, various artisans and craftspeople from the PA Wilds now sell on our platform with us! (That’s why it’s now the PA Wilds Marketplace!)  This equates to more awesome products for you and more opportunities for our rural makers. Please bear with us as we finalize this new ecommerce platform, and have fun meeting our first batch of participating artisan makers!

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