DIY Crescent Moon Wreath Inspired by ECCOTA

DIY Crescent Moon Wreath Inspired by ECCOTA
September 27, 2021 144 view(s)
DIY Crescent Moon Wreath Inspired by ECCOTA

Its officially fall and you can feel it in the air in the PA Wilds. Elk County Council on the Arts (ECCOTA), located in Elk Country Landscape, recently held a class where participants could create their own Crescent Moon Wreath! ECCOTA is a 501 (c) non-profit organization based in Elk County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1984 as a center for the development of all the arts in the Elk County area, ECCOTA provides a variety of opportunities to participate in the arts for the area’s residents. ECCOTA brings a selection of cultural programming to the area through grants, classes, workshops, and selling locally made art in their gallery location. 

Even though the Crescent Moon Wreath class is over at ECCOTA, you can make this wreath from your home. Here is a DIY  to make your own Fall Crescent Moon Wreath! 

Supplies Needed

  • Grapevine Wreath cut on one side
  • Hot Glue Gun*
  • Moss 
  • Fake Flowers and assorted decorations
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Wire or twin

*Please use caution when using and handling certain tools




1. Begin by taking the wreath and cutting it on one side. A saw will be the quickest way, however scissors and clippers may work as well. Once this is done, trim the cut ends to create more of a moon shape. Sinch the ends with twine or wire to help retain the shape. Take this time to also mold the wreath into the shape you want it to be when hanging.




2. Create a base from the wreath. This can be adding moss with the hot glue gun, or creating a web from string! The picture to the right shows the back of the wreath and how you can wrap the moss so that it hides the wires.




3. After that base layer is down you can begin adding more decoration! This can be the flowers, pumpkins or other items that you would like displayed. Let the creativity flow!




4. Once all your decorating is done, use the twine to create a loop in the back of your Crescent Moon so that it can hang. Make sure to find a sturdy part of the wreath. 




5. With that you have completed a Crescent Moon Wreath! Hang it in your home to welcome the fall season. 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY project that was based on the class organized by ECCOTA. Below is a picture of the Crescent Moon Wreath Class participants. Be sure to check out ECCOTA on Facebook and on their website to learn more about the organization and their activities!

Above Photo by Tia Deshong

Head photo taken and provided by Lyndsey Weidow

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Hannah Brock has called the PA Wilds home since 2016 when she found herself working at Wolf's General Store in the PA Grand Canyon. A lover of discovery, Hannah spent much of her time exploring the hiking paths, bike trails, and waterways of the PA Grand Canyon before officially settling in Elk Country's St. Marys, PA in 2018. A native of PA, Hannah fell in love with the PA Wilds communities and wants to help build the places that she now calls home.