Gifts from the heart for Valentine's Day from the PA Wilds Marketplace

PA Wilds Valentine's Day Gifts
January 12, 2023 41 view(s)
Gifts from the heart for Valentine's Day from the PA Wilds Marketplace

The best gifts are made with love, and all the items in the PA Wilds Marketplace surely fit that description. All the items sold on the Marketplace's online platform are locally produced by artists and businesses in the PA Wilds. When you purchase from the PA Wilds Marketplace you aren’t just purchasing a unique gift, you are supporting artisans who call the PA Wilds home.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better place to get a gift for a loved one than the Marketplace!

Colorways Scarf

Julie Mader’s Colorways Collection directly transcribes her time spent exploring the Pennsylvania Wilds. The nine colorways offered in 2022 conjure nights spent by the campfire and time spent hiking under a canopy of trees and blue sky. Give your sweetheart a wearable piece of artwork, made with the inspiration of nature! Colorway options currently available are canopy, chicory, milkweed, red maple and local honey.

  1. Colorways Scarf
    Colorways Scarf
    As low as $64.00

Hand Stamped Copper Hot Air Balloon Adventure Pendant Hammer Texture

Let's go on an adventure! The cut blank is hammer textured, stamped, filed, sanded, ground, tumbled, buffed, oxidized and then sealed with renaissance wax. These playful hot air balloon pendants are a wonderful accessory for everyday wear. Where will love - the adventure of a lifetime - take you?

Pennsylvania Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas

Speaking of adventure, why not plan out a trip in the PA Wilds with your loved one? A Pennsylvania Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas can be the inspiration you need to visit somewhere new… or an old favorite. The atlas provides travel tips and planning resources, ideas on things to see and do throughout the region, and navigable maps.

Beeman's Beard Care Kit

Valentine’s Day is for men too! Don’t forget about that special guy, and treat him to a pampering kit for his facial hair. This kit includes everything he’ll need to style his facial hair, with beard balm, oil, wax, and special wooden comb, all in a neat gift box. With vetiver, rosemary, and lime essential oils, these products have a manly yet not overpowering smell. Beeswax, the not-so-secret ingredient, keeps things natural and local, produced at Rich Valley Apiary.

Small Town Night Club Shirt

Would your sweetheart rather head out to the woods instead of a crowded nightclub? For many nature lovers, a campfire under the stars is one of the most romantic places to be. Show your loved one how well you know them with this gift… and promise them a night under the stars to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Pink Heart Pendant

This pink heart pendant is as sparkling and eye-catching as your loved one! Josh Smith from Valley Glass Art creates these unique pieces in the PA Wilds, using borosilicate glass to make jewelry that is both durable and truly one-of-a-kind. Give that special someone “your heart” this Valentine’s Day!

 Lip Balm

Make sure your lips are perfectly kissable for your special someone with this soothing lip balm. Rhianna Speck from Side Door Soaps makes sure that every ingredient is something that she would feel comfortable with her own family (and their sensitive skin) using. These lip balms are available in flavors like Creamsicle, Black Java, Peppermint and Mint-O.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Jabebo Earrings

Is your loved one really into nature? Maybe they’re an environment educator, scientist or just an outdoor enthusiast? These Jabebo earrings are unique in several ways! For one, they are made using recycled cereal boxes. In fact, on the reverse side of the product, you can even see the cereal box that was used in the making of the earrings. However, the artwork itself is also eye-catching. Although the earrings go together, the images are mismatched, sparking curiosity and interesting conversations.

These are just some of the many products available at the PA Wilds Marketplace. Click here to check out even more!