Keep it clean! Soaps made in the PA Wilds

Soaps made in the PA Wilds
May 2, 2023 32 view(s)
Keep it clean! Soaps made in the PA Wilds

Keep it clean! A luxurious bar of soap can be a practical yet thoughtful gift for a friend, family member, significant other, teacher, coworker or even as just a "have on hand" gift for those unexpected last-minute gift-giving occasions. Or why not treat yourself to a high-quality soap to make washing your hands just like a day at the spa?

Why is soap a great gift to give?

It's budget-friendly

Even a high-end luxury bar of soap made with high-quality ingredients won't break the bank. A bar of fancy soap can stand alone to serve as a token of appreciation or can be a part of a bigger gift basket. With even the more expensive bars of soap costing less than $10, it's the perfect item to keep in the closet as a back-up gift for unexpected guests and holidays.

It's useful

If you're worried that your gift won't ever be used, a fancy bar of soap is the type of gift that anyone can appreciate and put to use. Soap is a practical gift that can still feel luxurious. Soap serves a real purpose and is more useful than a novelty gift. If you're concerned about allergies or sensitivities to certain scents, choose a gentle or unscented version. The soaps sold on the PA Wilds Marketplace have all of their ingredients listed on the labels, and you can even reach out directly to sellers if you have a question.

It's sustainable

A natural bar of soap is eco-friendly and ethically sourced. These soaps are typically made from plant-based ingredients, and they need less water to produce than liquid soap. Many of the soaps sold on the PA Wilds Marketplace use biodegradable wrapping or are packaged using less plastic than a typical store-bought soap. If eco-friendly gifting is important to you or your recipient, a bar of soap can be a surprisingly thoughtful and sustainable gift.

It's perfect for any occasion

Regardless if it's a birthday, holiday or dinner party, a fancy bar of soap is a thoughtful yet simple gift. Everyone appreciates soap. It's easy enough to keep a luxury bar of soap in your closet or even your glove compartment as a back-up gift so you don't get caught off guard by unexpected guests or events. You can also purchase bars of soap in different varieties of scents, including special seasonal scents for Christmas or a soft floral for weddings and baby showers.

It's a simple luxury

Don't just think about giving gift to others... give a gift to yourself and your family! A fancy bar of soap can add a sense of luxuriousness to your everyday hygiene. The necessary act of washing your hands can start to feel more like a spa day. It's incredible how a pleasantly scented and silky soft soap can add some happiness to your day.

Check out these lovely soaps that are created in the PA Wilds!

Nonni & Papa Joe's Homestead

 Nonni & Papa Joe's Homestead is a family-owned business located in the Dark Skies landscape of the PA Wilds region. Julie was born and raised in the PA Wilds and comes from generations of naturalists. Her grandmother picked herbs and wild mushrooms, and they received most of their food and medicine from nature. Grandma taught Julie how to heal the body through nature and spirit. My aunt made soaps and shared this skill with her. Papa Joe is a Chiropractor and believes in the body's innate ability to heal itself. These soaps are made with high-quality essential oils, herbs and herbal powders. Nonni and Papa Joe know the important This is why our products are environmentally friendly and all-natural--including our packaging. Our soap bars come wrapped in Biolefin, a biodegradable shrink-film to protect our soap, you, and the world! 

Side Door Soaps

For over 10 years, Rhianna Speck have been making soaps, lotions and balms to gently care for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs care and attention, so Rhianna handcrafts wholesome soap and a variety of personal care products to love your bodies with. She uses plant oils that are sourced responsibly and processed as minimally as possible to make the best bases and uses a variety of other natural ingredients for coloring, scenting, and flavoring. Each ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose... no fillers here! To respect the environment, these soaps are packaged in a recyclable kraft box.

The Wild Botanica

Located in Brockway, Jefferson County, near the PA Wilds Cook Forest and the Ancients landscape, The Wild Botanica crafts artisan soap inspired by the flora, fauna, and wild folks of the Pennsylvania Wilds. They use sustainably sourced plant-based oils and butters, natural colorants like activated charcoal and clays from the earth, and scent their soaps with essential oils and fragrant oil blends. Check out this special “Oh Deer” series: “Handmade soap for your whole herd.” It was inspired by Pennsylvania’s state animal, the white-tailed deer, which continues to flourish in forests across the region.