Made in the USA

Fireworks in Manfield, PA
June 29, 2022 75 view(s)
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Does it matter where the things you buy come from? We think so. And because you’re shopping here, you’re proving that you think so too.

As we go into the Independence Day weekend here in the United States of America, our minds turn to why we are proud and thankful to live in our country. The United States of America has a rich history, full of diverse cultures and landscapes. What better way to celebrate our country and who we are than by making sure our dollars support our friends, family and neighbors who live here with us?

In our PA Wilds Marketplace, we sell products that are proudly dreamed up, handcrafted, painted, printed and produced here in our Pennsylvania Wilds. If you live here, these things are made in your backyard! And if you are just visiting or supporting the PA Wilds, these artisans are happy to be able to provide you with the unique souvenirs that show why we’re proud to live and work amongst these rolling hills and scenic rivers. Our products celebrate the beauty, bounty and rural traditions of our region.

By buying products made locally, you are changing someone’s life. These dollars directly translate into PA Wilds artisans and entrepreneurs being able to do what they love while bringing in real income. Those dollars that go into their pockets? Well, those dollars are more likely to stick around in our area for longer. Just think… that artisan lives in the PA Wilds, which means that their dollars go to pay county and state taxes, buy meals at hometown restaurants, buy cleats for their kid on the soccer team, get a haircut from the beauty salon down the street, and sometimes even pay to expand their business!

By shopping locally, you’re also changing the world. Sure, it might sound cheesy, but it’s true! It means decreased need for transporting things from other countries, being more sustainable and decreasing the overall budget deficit and reliance on imports. American-made products are oftentimes also more environmentally friendly and follow more strict labor laws.

All of that to say simply this: thank you. Thank you for buying products that are made in the United States and in the Pennsylvania Wilds!