Megan's shopping list for the holidays for every type of friend

Megan's shopping list for the holidays for every type of friend
October 30, 2023 39 view(s)
Megan's shopping list for the holidays for every type of friend

This holiday season I'm giving my friends and family experiences, snacks, and good reads! I'm excited to not only find great gifts all in one place but love knowing that I'm supporting small businesses and makers that I know in the PA Wilds!

Here's what is on my list this year for some of my friends:

An experience for the adventurer friend:

Last year I gave her the State Park Passport book that resulted in a couple hikes and camping trips this past summer. This year, I am gifting her Linda Stager's Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook to add to the collection! These have been great gifts for someone 

A snack for the mover:

One close friend is planning a big move at the beginning of next year and I don't want to add to her packing. So this holiday I am gifting her food that will fuel her busy season but not add to the clutter. Goot Essa's Zarbitter Dark Chocolate Fudge is top of my list for her as a sweet treat during this stressful move.

A good night in for the homebody friend or family member:

Everyone has at least one reader in their life and I definitely have a handful of them. One in particular is a big true crime friend and I have James Baumgratz's Murders & Mysterious Deaths in the Pennsylvania Wilds Volume I picked out for her this year.

Another likes reading and puzzles so this year I'm opting to get her Owl and Moon Creative's 1,000 piece Jumbo Kinzua Reservoir in Autumn Puzzle which doubles as a souvenir from our visit to Kinzua last year. I know anything less than 1,000 pieces would insult her puzzling abilities!

About the author, Megan Steele:

Megan Steele is the PA Wilds Marketplace Manager with a mission to grow the online marketplace and support the makers who sell there. She was involved with the original development of the site and works 1 on 1 with makers in PA Wilds to help them succeed. Outside of work, you can find her exploring her home state of Pennsylvania, hiking with her St. Bernard mix, or at a brewery with friends!