New Products: July/August 2022

New products August 2022
August 15, 2022 53 view(s)
New Products: July/August 2022

Have you seen some of the newest items added to the PA Wilds Marketplace? Whether you're looking for a trail guide, a new t-shirt or handmade jewelry, we have you covered!

Kinzua Skywalk and Trail T-shirt

Capture the beauty of the Pennsylvania Wilds in a scene that usually only those brave enough to descend the Kinzua Creek Trail get to see with this shirt. It's quite a feat to traverse the Kinzua Bridge State Park Skywalk, reinvented in 2011 from the bridge established in 1882 in Mount Jewett, PA. And it's quite a view from the bottom of the Kinzua Creek Trail, descending something like 225 feet. 

If you made it down and back up the trail, get this shirt as a reward and to reminisce about your adventure to Kinzua Bridge State Park!

  1. Kinzua Skywalk and Trail T-shirt
    Kinzua Skywalk and Trail T-shirt
    As low as $24.95

Hand Stamped Copper Hot Air Balloon Adventure Pendant

Let's go on an adventure! The cut blank is hammer textured, stamped, filed, sanded, ground, tumbled, buffed, oxidized and then sealed with Renaissance Wax. These playful Hot Air Balloon pendants are a wonderful accessory for everyday wear. Where are you off to?

Created by Stephanie Distler, a self-taught artisan inspired by nature. 

The Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook

This 206-page illustrated guide to the award winning Pine Creek Rail Trail will help any visitor have an enjoyable visit. Railroad buffs will also enjoy the history and stories sprinkled throughout the mile by mile guide.

The guidebook is divided into short sectional hikes-rides to make it easy to choose your favorite ride-walk.

Colorways Scarf

The COLORWAYS COLLECTION directly transcribes artist Julie Mader's time spent exploring the Pennsylvania Wilds. The nine colorways offered in 2022 conjour nights spent by the campfire and time spent hiking under a canopy of trees and blue sky. Add the inspiration of nature to your wardrobe with wearable art.

Each soft 8x54" lightweight scarf is painted by the artist at her in-home studio located in the PA Wilds.

  1. Colorways Scarf
    Colorways Scarf
    As low as $64.00

Red-tailed Hawk Jabebo Earring

Jabebo Studio created these images of the red-tailed hawk especially for these earrings. The detailed artwork and mismatched themes spark curiosity and interesting conversations. On the reverse side of the product you can see evidence of the cereal box used in the construction. They are perfect for environmental educators, scientists, and nature enthusiasts.

Adult Exploration and Discovery T-shirt

With its dark skies and vast forests, the Pennsylvania Wilds is a great place to get out and explore. The Milky Way is visible on clear nights in many places around the region, and thousands of visitors flock each year to Cherry Springs State Park, a certified International Dark Skies park, where the night sky is exceptionally dark. Hosting 2.1 million acres of public land, 29 state parks, and eight state forests, the PA Wilds is the perfect place to get outside and explore. You never know what you'll discover!

  1. Adult Exploration and Discovery T-shirt
    Adult Exploration and Discovery T-shirt
    As low as $22.95

Although these are just some of the newest products on the PA Wilds Marketplace, there are many more! Search the PA Wilds Marketplace HERE and discover which artisan products inspire you!