New products on the PA Wilds Marketplace

New products January 2023
January 4, 2023 60 view(s)
New products on the PA Wilds Marketplace

Have you seen some of the newest items added to the PA Wilds Marketplace? These featured products were added recently at the end of 2022. Whether you're looking for a tasty treat, new artwork for your walls, a scented lotion or stickers and magnets that show off your personality, we have you covered with great items to start your new year off right!

Sugar Mama’s Appalachian Maple - Maple Candy and Nuts

Any one of these candies is sure to sweeten your day and give your tastebuds something to savor. The pure maple candies (one ounce) are softer and have a smooth rich creamy center, whereas the hard maple candies (two ounces) are more like a lozenge that will last longer. Although they have different textures, the flavor in both types of candies comes from pure maple that is tapped and crafted in Mansfield, near the PA Grand Canyon in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Want something more savory with some protein? Sugar Mama's also added candied walnuts and pecans to the storefront.

Conklin Studio Pottery - Storm Blue Magnet

These ceramic magnets are crafted by Lisa Conklin Conn in the Allegheny National Forest. The stormy sky blue stoneware magnet features the state of Pennsylvania with a swirl pattern with a white heart, and the whole thing is glazed to preserve its unique shape. A strong rare earth magnet is epoxied on the backside, making it easy to place on your refrigerator or other metal surface. Measures 3" long and 1.75" high.

Ellen Paquette Art - Endangered Animal Prints

Ellen Paquette has placed some new art prints on the PA Wilds Marketplace, featuring a human-like look at vulnerable animals. "Tapanuli Girl" is a limited edition, archival print from an original acrylic painting of a critically endangered Tapanuli orangutan. "Osku" features a polar bear, a vulnerable species. "Princess Puanani" (beautiful flower in Hawaiian) shows a critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal. "The Shaman" features a critically endangered Amur leopard.

Side Door Soaps - Lotions

By popular demand, Rhianna Speck has added lotions to her storefront, available in 8, 4 or 2 ounce bottles. Choose your favorite scent: Pink Musk, Lavender, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Fresh Rain, Bombshell or Berries & Mimosas. The lotion will leave your skin feeling moisturized… and smelling lovely!

PA Made - Stickers

Mickayla Poland from PA Made added several new stickers to her PA Wilds Marketplace storefront, including some featuring Bigfoot, a national forest sign, a small town skyline and a variety of natural graphics. All materials are 3-5 years weatherproof and waterproof withstanding everything from your reusable water bottle to years on your adventure vehicle. Durable for cars, coolers, and anything else you could think of!

Want more?

Although these are just some of the newest products on the PA Wilds Marketplace, there are many more! Search the PA Wilds Marketplace HERE and discover which artisan products inspire you!