Products Dad will love from the PA Wilds Marketplace

Products Dad will love from the PA Wilds Marketplace
May 22, 2024 202 view(s)
Products Dad will love from the PA Wilds Marketplace

Whether Dad lives in the PA Wilds or it’s one of his favorite places to visit, give him a unique gift that shows his appreciation for the Pennsylvania Wilds! Check out these suggestions for fathers of all varieties.

Beeman’s Beard Care Kit - Rich Valley Apiary

A dad’s beard can be his pride and joy (besides his kids, of course). Keep Dad looking ruggedly handsome and groomed with this beard care kit. It includes everything he’ll need to style his facial hair, with beard balm, oil, wax, and special wooden comb, all in a neat gift box. With vetiver, rosemary, and lime essential oils, these products have a manly yet not overpowering smell. Beeswax, the not-so-secret ingredient, keeps things natural and local, produced at Rich Valley Apiary.

Bass Multi-layer 3D Display - DLE Designs

If you're angling to find the perfect gift for a father who loves to go fishing, this multi-layer wooden display is a special way of showing you know exactly what Dad likes! DLE Designs carefully aligns each piece of wood, with nine layers total, creating a 3D scene inside of a shape of a fish. Each display piece is laser cut, hand painted, and assembled to create this beautiful keepsake. Reel in a special gift and let Dad know that you're hooked on creating even more memories in the outdoors with him.

Sabra Blend - Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Co.

Whether you were up at 3 a.m. with the baby or putting in some extra hours at work, hard-working fathers deserve a pick-me-up in the form of a cup of delicious coffee. Alabaster Coffee Roaster’s Sabra Blend is always fresh and tastes great, whether it’s brewed as a regular coffee or an espresso. Sabra’s flavor profile is sweet with a syrupy body and a vibrant finish. This coffee has a full yet crisp body, with notes of dark cocoa and cherry. Using a seasonal variety to get the freshest crop, the current iteration is a blend of Colombian & Brazilian coffees.

Catch Me at Camp Sticker - PA Made LLC

Camp is where some of the best memories are made. Maybe it was you and Dad celebrating your first buck. Maybe it was Dad sharing a cold beer with you around a campfire, reminiscing about your childhood. Maybe it was something as simple as the smell of bacon cooking as you woke up after a night of sleep on that old camp mattress. Tell Dad that those memories are something you’ll treasure for a lifetime. This sticker is weatherproof for 3-5 years, withstanding everything from wild rides in a kayak to years on the back of your adventure vehicle. Your father can put it on his car, cooler, boat, or anywhere else where he can see it and be reminded of all those camp memories!

Nunc Stans: A Ferry Tale - PJ Piccirillo

Give your father the gift of a page-turner! The novella and stories in this collection by PJ Piccirillo are set in the familiar landscapes of our region, ranging from rivers and beaches to highways and race tracks. In the opening novella, a Susquehanna ferryman piloting an Amish wedding party has to confront his own grief when the journey goes awry. In other stories, you’ll find a track driver in search of redemption, an ecology student navigating the trauma of an assault, and an EMT arriving at his most tragic medical incident and discovering the aftershock of an illicit love affair he is embroiled in.

Sinus Soap - Nonni & Papa Joe's Homestead

Even the toughest of men can suffer from allergies or get dragged down by a cold. This “sinus soap” is loaded with essential oils known for their sinus-clearing properties, bringing Dad some comfort and relaxation. Peppermint, lavandin, eucalyptus, camphor, and cassia oils offer relief in no time while Dad takes a shower. This soap is lovingly handcrafted in the Pennsylvania Wilds by Nonni and Papa Joe (a father himself!).

Big Feat Magnet - PA Wilds Conservation Shop

It’s a “Beat Feat” to look down 225 feet from the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk, and it’s even more unnerving to know that you might even spot Bigfoot in the Pennsylvania Wilds! Bring your binoculars to the bridge next time… you might be able to see some suspicious rustling in the trees far below. Celebrate Dad’s love of Kinzua and his fascination with Bigfoot with this unique magnet.

PA Wilds Branded Pendant - Stephanie Distler Artisan Jewelry

Spruce up Dad’s keychain for the keys to the cabin or the ATV! This unique PA Wilds pendant proves that “charm not chain” is the foundation of supporting local artisans. These pendants are metal stamped and hammer textured in small batches by jeweler Stephanie Distler. The hammer texturing gives a faux bark look, which is then oxidized and sealed with a museum quality wax. About the size of a nickel, this pendant isn’t big enough to get in the way on a keychain but is also large enough to show off Dad’s pride for our PA Wilds area. It can also be used on a necklace or bracelet.

Kinzua Bridge State Park Sign Adult T-shirt - PA Wilds Conservation Shop

This shirt is perfect for a father who feels most at home in the woods. Paying tribute to the region’s lumber heritage, this shirt shares the famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life – no disgrace, no calamity which nature cannot repair.” The design honors the fact that most of the PA Wilds’ two million acres of public land is forested. Much of that is a working forest, used for recreation, sustainably harvested for timber, and a source of inspiration for artisan woodworkers.

  1. Kinzua Bridge State Park Sign Adult T-shirt
    Kinzua Bridge State Park Sign Adult T-shirt
    As low as $24.95

"Alerted" Original Scratchboard Framed Art - Scratchboard Fine Art by Lynn Kibbe

Maybe Dad is always fixing up and renovating the family home. Well, our home is nature, and we can reduce our impact on our home by using and reusing this tote. Carry anything you need… groceries, tools, office paperwork, or clothes for a weekend getaway! Help make The Pennsylvania Wilds a home for generations to come.

Elk on a Bike Shirt - PA Wilds Conservation Shop

This shirt will have friends, family, and strangers asking Dad, “Wait, is that an elk on a bike?!” The PA Wilds are home to the largest elk herd in the Northeast, but the Wilds also boasts a growing number of rail-trails and mountain bike courses. The shirt is also available in both short sleeve and long sleeve, and in adult, youth, toddler, and even onesie sizes. The whole family could match! If Dad is an avid biker or just loves a leisurely ride, he’ll appreciate this funny shirt… because sometimes you just don’t feel like hoofin’ it.

  1. Adult Elk on a Bike T-Shirt
    Adult Elk on a Bike T-Shirt
    As low as $22.95

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