Products from the PA Wilds that will kickstart your New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolutions
December 28, 2022 38 view(s)
Products from the PA Wilds that will kickstart your New Year's Resolution

The New Year is a time to feel hopeful about the upcoming 12 months. It’s a time to think about changes you might want to make or things you want to do. A New Year’s Resolution is an optimistic goal that helps you set the stage for the next year.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish in 2023, let the entrepreneurs in the PA Wilds help you accomplish those goals!

Getting exercise

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to start exercising more and to lose weight. There are plenty ways to become more physically active, but the Pennsylvania Wilds offers such an incredible variety of physical activities that you’ll never be bored.

Of course, one of the most difficult parts of getting exercise is finding the energy to do so! A good cup of coffee can help motivate you to get out of bed and get your morning workout done. Or perhaps you want to drop a shirt size by the end of the year. Choose a “goal shirt” to keep you motivated and track your milestones. And don’t forget to stretch and take care of those muscles after your exercise routine.

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Exploring and enjoying nature

Maybe your resolution focuses more on enjoying nature and getting some fresh air, rather than more strenuous outdoor adventures. No fear, there are still plenty of ways of enjoying the outdoors!

Grab a PA State Park Passport Book to track how many of our wonderful state parks you’ve visited. This can be a great motivator for getting outdoors and enjoying places that you’ve never been.

Shopping locally

Shopping in the Pennsylvania Wilds means you’ll be doing more than just providing a good gift! Shopping within the region strengthens the local economy, supports local makers and businesses, and also reduces your carbon footprint, as items are not shipped from faraway places to your doorstep.

In addition to the many retailers throughout the area who are part of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, our PA Wilds Conservation Shops offer many locally produced products in their gift shops, inspiring pride in our PA Wilds region while also giving back to those entrepreneurs in the Pennsylvania Wilds community. The shop at Kinzua Bridge State Park is open year-round, and the shop at Leonard Harrison State Park is open spring through fall. You can also shop online and check hours right here at!

Shopping locally can help fulfill the need for household items, gifts or even a treat yourself… all the while knowing that the money you spent is helping to support an entrepreneur and boost the PA Wilds economy!

Being mindful

Mindfulness is a wonderful New Year’s Resolution, simply because it touches so many aspects of our lives. Mindfulness teaches us to slow down and take in every experience and sense, while listening to our body and mind. Although it might sound like an easy thing to do, sitting and reflecting can be difficult in this busy world we live in. Make mindfulness a habit in the new year.

Getting involved

Volunteering and getting involved with an organization can help make your new year even more exciting and meaningful. Choose a cause that is close to your heart, then find ways to make a difference. Find ways to give back to the community and to the environment, whether you live in the PA Wilds or are just visiting.

Remind yourself of the causes that are important to you.Maybe that’s raising awareness of endangered species, keeping our landscapes litter-free or protecting dark skies. Whatever is close to your heart, you can find a product made in the PA Wilds that will remind you of it.

Remember, you can also make a donation to the PA Parks and Forests Foundation through the PA Wilds Charity Checkout program during the online checkout process at or when you purchase in-person at one of the Conservation Shops.


 Who said a New Year’s Resolution had to be hard work? Maybe you want to take some time to yourself and unwind. There’s no shame in making your New Year’s Resolution something that focuses on me, myself and I. Finding time to relax can help you manage stress, which can benefit your physical health in a variety of ways. Find something cozy and relax with a good book, a mug full of coffee or hot cocoa, some delectable treats or some pleasant scents.

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