Wearing your wild heart on your sleeve

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July 25, 2022 45 view(s)
Wearing your wild heart on your sleeve

The rolling hills, untamed rivers, wild elk, clear night sky and so much more are all part of what makes us proud of our PA Wilds. Show your love of our region by bringing a little PA Wilds wherever you go. You can literally wear your heart (and your support) on your sleeve!

When you pass by another person, whether it’s in the grocery store or along a hiking trail, it’s always a nice surprise to see that they’re wearing something you recognize.

You can't help but smile, knowing that you share something special in common with this stranger.

  1. Ladies Nature Is Home T-shirt
    Ladies Nature Is Home T-shirt
    As low as $22.95

Maybe their shirt is touting the incredible backstory of Kinzua Bridge (and the spectacular view you can see from the Skywalk).

If you’re a history buff, you might recall the story of General Kane guided the construction of the great viaduct in 1882… and how an F1 tornado ripped part of the bridge from its bases, leaving the wreckage in the valley below.

  1. Adult Armed with Ingenuity T-shirt
    Adult Armed with Ingenuity T-shirt
    As low as $22.95

Or maybe you recognize the shape of an elk on someone’s t-shirt, and it reminds you of the time you took your family to the Elk Country Visitors Center.

You can almost hear the calling elk on the shirt, his head lifted in a long and wild song.

The Pennsylvania Wilds is home to the largest wild elk herd in the Northeast, and this design puts into words what we love about our elk.

Some designs make you giggle! One design reminds us that maybe the best “night club” of all is the time spent around a campfire, with nature’s own strobe lights... lightning bugs and shooting stars. And who says you can’t love Star Wars and Mother Nature? A “May the Forest Be With You” shirt shows your love of sci-fi and of the wilderness. It even comes in youth sizes and onesies! And an elk on a bike is a silly sight, but let’s face it… sometimes you just don’t feel like hoofin’ it!

  1. May the Forest Onesie
    May the Forest Onesie
    As low as $17.95
  2. Adult Elk on a Bike T-Shirt
    Adult Elk on a Bike T-Shirt
    As low as $22.95

But maybe you want to be a little more subdued with your choice of apparel. Instead of a t-shirt, consider a silk scarf with intricate, hand-painted design inspired by nature. One scarf delicately spells out the word "explore" and encourages you to find those new outdoor adventures. Flowers like irises and tulips can remind us of the PA Wilds landscape in spring. Others, like a scarf painted in blues and purples with specks of lighter shades, remind us of the Dark Skies at Cherry Springs State Park. One eye-catching scarf is even crafted by dying the fabric with real rust, leaving a reddish-brown design behind!

  1. Colorways Scarf
    Colorways Scarf
    As low as $64.00

In some cases, wearing your PA Wilds pride on your sleeve doesn’t have to include sleeves or clothing at all!

A travel mug can display your love of nature, not just with its design but also by encouraging you to refill and reuse this cup instead of using disposable cups.

As a bonus, the travel mug itself is even made with 40 percent recycled paper!

Stickers can also be a handy way of displaying the things you hold closest to your heart. Whether you love camping, fishing, hiking, hunting for Bigfoot or just enjoying the peace of nature, there is a sticker that supports the way you love the Wilds.

So show your PA Wilds pride and wear your love of our region on your sleeve! You’ll never know what new friends you might make, simply by proudly displaying your support of the Pennsylvania Wilds.