5 Valentine's Day gifts right from the heart of the PA Wilds Marketplace

PA Made Keychains for 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for 2022
January 23, 2022 216 view(s)
5 Valentine's Day gifts right from the heart of the PA Wilds Marketplace

The best gifts are made with love, and all the items in the PA Wilds Marketplace surely fit that description. All the items sold on the Marketplace's online platform are locally produced by artists and businesses in the PA Wilds. When you purchase from the PA Wilds Marketplace you aren’t just purchasing a unique gift, you are supporting artisans who call the PA Wilds home.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better place to get a gift for a loved one than the Marketplace!

Here is a list of just some of the amazing options available:

1. The Wilds Are Calling Tote

You can use this tote to capture all you need to carry along on your next adventure in the PA Wilds!

A local artisan located in the Dark Skies Landscape for The Wilds Are Calling blog created this design capturing the wonders of the region.

2. PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas

The 50+ page PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas is the go-to guide for people looking to explore the wonders of the PA Wilds.

Whether your love is looking for the next trail to conquer, a new town to explore, or to plan the next family excursion, this book will guide the way. Looking for a Valentine’s Day adventure? Explore more of PAWilds.com to learn about Winter in the Wilds and find your journey today!

3. Beeman's Beard Care Kit

Made from natural beeswax and designed with comfort and style in mind, this beard kit is perfect for the bearded man in your life.

The Beard Care Kit comes with Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Mustache Wax, and a Wooden Comb. All these products are made from Rich Valley Apiary's treatment-free beehives. 

4. Elk on a Bike Long Sleeve T-shirt

Keep warm and have fun with this Elk on a Bike Long Sleeve T-Shirt!

The PA Wilds Conservation Shop KB designed this shirt with an elk as the PA Wilds is also home to one of the largest elk herds in the Northeast. If you like to peddle or just like a bit of humor, this shirt is for you!  'Cuz sometimes you just don't feel like hoofin' it.


5.  Wooden PA Keychains

Unique designs that express the PA Wilds in all of us, these real wooden keychains are the perfect gift for the wild one in your life. 

Designed by PA Made LLC, there are six different keychain designs to choose from, all made from maple wood! 

Explore the PA Wilds Marketplace for these items and more to find the best Valentine's gifts for all the people you love. See all the Makers that live and work in the PA Wilds region here!

Or go directly to the source and see other options available through the talented members of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania (WCO) through the PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide which features artisans, retailers, and places to find PA Wilds products.