Allegheny Nesting: The Blue Egg Project
April 4, 2024 44 view(s)
Allegheny Nesting: The Blue Egg Project

What started as a surprise from Agnus the chicken has turned into a region-wide outdoor egg hunt game for Allegheny Nesting, a homestead and artisan business in the PA Wilds.

Jill Forquer of Allegheny Nesting says The Blue Egg Project is a way for families to enjoy the outdoors, appreciate nature, make memories together, and keep an eye out for little magical moments.

It started when one of Allegheny Nesting’s chickens, a Saphire Gem named Agnus, laid one of her signature blue eggs. However, Agnus doesn’t like to leave her eggs in the laying box like the rest of the chickens. Instead, she lays them wherever she likes. Jill found one blue egg in a pile of hay by the barn door one morning, and she called over the rest of her family to see the surprise.

Photo: Jill Forquer, owner of Allegheny Nesting, with Agnus and a real blue egg

“It was a simple moment of unexpected happiness,” says Jill. Her three kids took turns holding the egg and cheering, and they have celebrated each blue egg since then.

The surprise delight of that little blue egg sparked an idea for Jill: What if she could help spread that simple joy to others throughout the PA Wilds?

She began The Blue Egg Project. The idea is simple but fun. Wooden eggs, painted a pretty blue color and engraved with #theblueeggproject, are hidden around the area for folks to find.

The eggs can be found on the rail trail near the Allegheny Nesting homestead, as well as along hiking trails and popular local spots in Warren, Elk, and McKean Counties. The eggs have also been hidden in Bendigo State Park.

Photo: Blue wooden eggs have been hidden along Eagle Trail for the Blue Egg Project. Can you spot the blue egg in this photo?

Recently, Jill and her friend Nikki Iozzo of Life Coaching and Beyond in DuBois got together to read Jill’s book, “Allison Rose Lost Her Chicken: A Chicken’s Tour of Kane PA,” to the residents at the Lutheran Home in Kane. While there, they and the residents painted 30 new wooden blue eggs. Those eggs will be hidden in the Twin Lakes area by Troop 83 of the Johnsonburg/Wilcox Boy Scouts.

If you happen to find a blue egg, you’re encouraged to share a photo with the hashtag #theblueeggproject on social media, and take a moment to appreciate the unexpected moment of surprise!

Jill is also looking for help hiding these eggs! If you would like to take some wooden eggs for The Blue Egg Project and hide them somewhere in the PA Wilds region, reach out to Jill Forquer of Allegheny Nesting for more information.

Search Allegheny Nesting on social media or on your favorite search engine for more information and to contact Jill.

Photo: A wooden blue egg hidden on a fence on a popular rail trail for the Blue Egg Project

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