Practical holiday gifts from the PA Wilds

Practical gifts from the PA Wilds
November 29, 2022 60 view(s)
Practical holiday gifts from the PA Wilds

Practical gifts for Christmas might conjure up images of stuffy aunts giving you woolen socks and pencils when you were a child, but there are practical yet enjoyable gifts you can give to others this holiday season. Give them something that they’ll not only use but they’ll love! These practical holiday gifts (especially those that are easily consumed or used, like food or beauty products) are also a great idea for people who are trying to keep their homes clutter-free. And best of all, these items are all designed or handcrafted in the PA Wilds by artisans who have a passion for what they do and where they live!

Foods, coffees and other tasty treats

Food is one of the most practical gifts you can give during the holiday season, and it’s one that will almost always be welcome. Keep in mind any of the recipient’s food allergies or restrictions when choosing a gift, and try to pick a flavor or a treat that they would enjoy trying. Edible gifts are practical because they’re easily consumed or shared, while still being simple and convenient.

Bubbly soaps

Like with foods, you’ll want to be aware of any scent preferences or allergies, but a luxurious soap can be a simple and practical holiday gift. A quality bar of soap can last longer than a typical bar from a supermarket, and the special scents can make washing your hands or taking a shower a spa-like experience. Pair with another gift or add a sweet note to make this practical Christmas gift even more meaningful.

Soothing lotions and salves

Cold winter temperatures can be tough on delicate skin, with harsh wind causing redness and irritation. Lotions and salves, especially during cold weather, can make a perfect and practical Christmas gift. Choose a lotion or salve that is in the recipient’s favorite scent, or go for unscented if they have allergies. Add a note or a pair of mittens or some lip balm for an extra thoughtful touch.

Something wearable

If you know the recipient’s style and clothing size, a wearable gift can be practical and meaningful. Why not give them a t-shirt from one of their favorite PA Wilds locations? Or maybe a silly design that shows off their personality? If you want to give a luxury gift that is still practical, consider a high quality silk scarf. No matter what it is, they’re sure to remember you each time they wear it!

  1. Adult Vintage Kinzua Bridge T-Shirt
    Adult Vintage Kinzua Bridge T-Shirt
    As low as $21.95
  2. The Wilds Are Calling Adult Short Sleeve Shirt
    The Wilds Are Calling Adult Short Sleeve Shirt
    As low as $21.95
  3. Colorways Scarf
    Colorways Scarf
    As low as $64.00

A gift they’ll use daily

Some practical gifts are so usable that your recipient might actually put them to use each day! A tote bag, travel mug or magnet is sure to come in handy. If you want to add some extra fun to these kinds of practice gifts, you can even stuff the inside of the bag or mug with wrapped candies or other treats. If you're looking for a usable gift that will help inspire the recipient to plan some adventures in the future, consider a PA state parks passport book or a PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas! They’ll think of you (and the PA Wilds) each time they use them.

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