Ashley's top five Halloween seasonal products

Ashley's top five Halloween seasonal products
October 1, 2023 138 view(s)
Ashley's top five Halloween seasonal products

The mornings are foggy and the air is crisp. Leaves are changing color and covering the ground. The holiday season is upon us. Soon you’ll hear clattering and jingling along with the sound of hooves… Santa?! No silly, it’s not Christmas time yet. It’s the Headless Horseman, it’s Halloween Season!

Halloween is my absolute favorite season! I remember from a young age going all out with decorating our yard. Going from a normal suburban greenery to a spooky cemetery featuring our own hand painted tombstones. We didn’t even have trick-or-treater’s where we lived then, it was all purely for the spirit of the season.

As I grew up my desires shifted from candy seeking thrills to the thrill of scaring candy seekers. Our new house was right in town and trick-or-treaters would fill the streets. I loved dressing up and becoming a part of our little spooky set, knowing just the slightest of movements could send kids screaming. Around this time, I was a young teen and like clockwork I would end up sick mid-October. One would have thought it was on purpose, but it seemed that the change of seasons would lead me to spending a week at home sick with bronchitis or pneumonia. This was perfect though because it meant I could watch all the Halloween horrors on the road to recovery. That probably helped deepen my fascination with all that is ghoulish and grotesque.  

It would come as no surprise that by my college years, you’d find me working at a haunted hayride on a nearby farm. Starting in late summer I would be on the farm building sets, creating props, and eventually building a full-fledged haunted house to go with the hayride experience.

While I love looking back and reminiscing about how much fun I’ve had at Halloween through each phase of my life I can’t help to think of all my seasonal must-haves. As a little kid, it was having the best costume and filling up multiple pillowcases with candy from trick-or-treating; as a teen, it was a comfy place with good snacks and a scary movie; and as a young adult, it was power tools, fake blood and whatever my crew needed to survive the farm every weekend for a few months. Now that I’m a little older my seasonal must-haves have definitely changed.

These WCO products are my top five must-haves for a good Halloween season:

Alabaster Coffee Roasters

I love coffee and there is nothing better than a good hot cup of coffee on a cool crisp fall day. Great to get you that boost to get through the day so you can stay up and enjoy a haunted house… well, if the caffeine doesn’t do it maybe all the scares will help keep you awake!

Sugar Mama’s Maple

Don’t worry mother nature has our sweet tooth covered, or rather Sugar Mama does. Not your typical Halloween treat, Maple candy is buttery smooth and very sweet. I remember the first time I experienced maple candy, I was instantly hooked!

Goot Essa

There are two types of people this time of year: those who are on team pumpkin and those who are on team apple. I can go either way, but I definitely lean towards apples. I know it’s available other times of the year, but for me nothing says fall like apple butter. Seriously, you can basically put it on anything!


It’s not just about the treats though, it’s also treating yourself to spooky fashion. You can easily add a little fun spookiness to your wardrobe with a unique pair of earrings. Bats, spiders, owls and even zombies… you name it Jabebo probably has a set of earrings to match.

James Baumgratz

Like I said earlier, I love a good horror story. Anything from a psychological thriller, to sci-fi fantasy and especially the classic ghost story. Sometimes the most chilling stories are the ones that are backed by truth. If you are looking for hair-raising stories look no further than the Murders & Mysterious Deaths of the PA Wilds books from James Baumgratz.

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About the author:

Ashley Fosbrink-Horrell is a creative professional who has worked in various fields from audio and theater technician to graphic designer. She is currently the Value Chain Manager for the PA Wilds Center, where she oversees the Wilds Cooperative of PA, a network of more than 500 businesses and organizations that support rural community development and conservation. She is also a musician, artist, gamer, and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys exploring the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Pennsylvania Wilds.