New products added February 2023

February 2023 New PA Wilds Marketplace products
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New products added February 2023

Have you seen some of the newest items added to the PA Wilds Marketplace? Whether you're looking for a new t-shirt, a PA Wilds hat, a onesie or a youth tee for your child, or a nature-inspired soap, we have you covered!

The Wild Botanica Artisan Soap

The Wild Botanica is a newly added maker on the PA Wilds Marketplace! Located in Brockway, Jefferson County, near the PA Wilds Cook Forest and the Ancients landscape, The Wild Botanica crafts artisan soap inspired by the flora, fauna, and wild folks of the Pennsylvania Wilds. They use sustainably sourced plant-based oils and butters, natural colorants like activated charcoal and clays from the earth, and scent their soaps with essential oils and fragrant oil blends.

Their mission is to inspire people to connect to nature through self-care and conservation. Their motto is self-care never felt so selfless. Their philosophy is that if you take care of nature, it will take care of you. Their promise is to always try to do better for their customers and for the environment.

"In Other Words, an Elk" Color Ink Youth T-shirt

This T-shirt puts into words what visitors love about the elk population here in the Pennsylvania Wilds, which is home to the largest wild elk herd in the Northeast. If you're a fan of the PA Wilds elk herd, this shirt says it all. In other words, an elk!

Although this design is also available in adult sizes, this is the first time youth sizes of the elk design have been available on the PA Wilds Marketplace online.

  1. In Other Words, an Elk Adult T-shirt
    In Other Words, an Elk Adult T-shirt
    As low as $21.95

PA Wilds Logo Adult Baseball Cap

Hosting 2.1 million acres of public land, 29 state parks, and nearly 2,100 designated trout streams, the Pennsylvania Wilds is a place of endless discovery, and this vast landscape is filled with unique experiences.  The PA Wilds logo embroidered on these thick stitch caps draws inspiration from the wildlife, culture, and people within the Pennsylvania Wilds region.  Represent your love for the Pennsylvania Wilds with one of these baseball caps.

Elk on a Bike Onesie - New Colors Available

What's cuter than a baby?  How about a baby in one of these adorable elk on a bike onesies?  With beautiful scenery all around and a growing number of rail-trails and mountain bike courses, biking is one of the most popular activities in the PA Wilds.  The Wilds is also home to the largest elk herd in the Northeast. Everyone in the family can sport this elk on a bike apparel. 'Cuz sometimes you just don't feel like hoofin' it.

Although the onesie has been available in a sports gray color with whit epolka dots, the onesie is now also available in other colors like navy blue stripes and a solid mint green color.

  1. Elk on a Bike Onesie
    Elk on a Bike Onesie
    As low as $16.95

Bring It On - "Hiked It Liked It" T-shirt

The Pennsylvania Wilds offers more than 1,600 miles of hiking trails. There’s nothing like the quiet and solitude of a walk in the woods. The state parks, the Allegheny National Forest, our mountains, gorges, rail trails and country roads of the Pennsylvania Wilds provide the space and variety for every type of hiking adventure you can think of.  And at the center of this shirt design is the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk, which has its own challenging hiking trails.  This shirt is perfect for your next hike or adventure.  Bring it on!

Although these are just some of the newest products on the PA Wilds Marketplace, there are many more! Search the PA Wilds Marketplace here and discover which artisan products inspire you!

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