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February 14, 2022 121 view(s)
Stephanie Distler's Simple Recipes: Crunchy Granola

A great filling breakfast to enjoy before heading out for the day is a bowl of homemade granola.  You can make it as healthy as you want or not depending on what you are after.  I tend to stay in the middle with using as many organic ingredients as I can, by cutting back a 1/2 cup on the brown sugar, adding unsweetened dried fruits and coconut.  My oldest daughter will use warmed up juice instead of dissolved brown sugar in the water for the sweet and liquid needed for even a healthier choice. The recipe is so easy and well worth the effort to have a super ingredient addition for muffins and breads in place of nuts, etc.

I used the convection feature to get a really crunchy granola.  It starts to brown really fast at the end, so once you smell the toasting action taking place, pull the pan to get it started to cool on the counter. And there you have it - the perfect warm bowl of granola and milk with a drizzle of honey on these cold winter mornings! The jar will not last long.  I did not have shredded coconut this time around and missed that extra taste/texture/sweetness it added to the bowl.  Something to look forward to for the next time making a batch!

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Stephanie Distler is a self taught jewelry artist. Using nature for inspiration, she designs and creates artisan jewelry together with hand tools using precious metals in wire or sheet form.

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