Taking ownership, catching up, and accepting autumn

Stephanie Distler Studios
October 12, 2022 20 view(s)
Taking ownership, catching up, and accepting autumn

The wind blew and a decision was made.  I took ownership of the entire studio.  A little over a week ago now, a very loud and persistent voice in my head kept repeating you need the entire studio space, "You have a living room. Use it." After having a pop-up downtown, at the Johnsonburg Farmers' and Artisans' Market, all Summer I did not want to put all of the display pieces in storage again.  I knew exactly where that fabulous old wooden door, cool folding saw horses, primitive tool box and handmade easels needed to be... in the other half of my studio. 

It just did not make sense anymore to not use the front room, that was remodeled back in 2018, as the living room.  This space has a comfy sectional, great big flatscreen tv, a cool vibe and is just waiting to be enjoyed.  All I needed, to make this happen, was to make sure the husband was semi okay with losing his little space and then find someone to take the couch & loveseat that has taken up half of the studio for the last 6 years . Within a day's time a beautiful young couple moved out the furniture for their apartment and Herb was surprisingly okay with the change.  

Stephanie Distler studio - before

Studio - during

Studio - some preogress

Studio after- Here showing the street side, where the furniture was, from the metalsmithing side.

 Moving the rolling mill station against the back wall and the work table facing the door to the kitchen allowed for more of a flow between the metalsmithing part of the studio to the designing part on the opposite side.  All of the semi-precious stone and specialty beads are organized in drawers as well as the stringing materials and handmade metal components at the ready for creating artisan jewelry in this new work area.  

A photo of early this morning getting an order ready for the PA Wilds Conservation Shop in Kinzua State Park.

Studio tour - the side towards the back garden with a portable stump bench my dad made for me to do live demos at shows

Every time I walk in the space or just turn around it surprises me and it makes me smile, every time. 

Sweet Sansevierias along with all of the other tender, tropical, succulent and cacti types of houseplants that have been growing amazingly well, on the porch, all summer are now finding their place all over the house.  Many of them placed in the studio, kitchen, living room and spare bedroom. There are grow lights in all of the rooms except this one.

Adding jewelry to the display for sale

Worktable for packing up orders, 2-d art, teaching, blogging, etc.  

Next up for me is to put together a virtual tour of this newly revamped space for the upcoming virtual PA Wilds Maker's Market being held on November 5th & 6th, 2022!  Some of the participants will be participating in interviews with the PA Wilds team, making diy videos or perhaps, giving virtual tours of their creative spaces. We are all so excited about this and the possibilities it will bring to our businesses.

About the Author, Stephanie Distler

Stephanie Distler is a self taught jewelry artist. Using nature for inspiration, she designs and creates artisan jewelry together with hand tools using precious metals in wire or sheet form.

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