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Taking ownership, catching up, and accepting autumn

The wind blew and a decision was made. Stephanie Distler took ownership of her entire studio, moving her workbenches and sawhorses into the other side of the room. She shows the process of changing her workspace!

October 12, 2022

Key to the PA Wilds

Jewelry artisan and proud Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania member Stephanie Distler was asked to make a special "Key to the PA Wilds" for Meredith Hill, the recipient of the 2022 PA Wilds Champion Award for Outstanding Leadership.

August 6, 2022

Spark-Pixel shoots PA Wilds Marketplace video at Stephanie Distler Studios

The PA Wilds Marketplace is working on a video, highlighting some of the artisans who sell products on this platform. Stephanie Distler writes about her experience as Spark-Pixel visited her jewelry studio.

July 14, 2022