Celebrate spring with these products made in the PA Wilds

Spring glow at Colton Point State Park Tioga County - Bernadette-Chiaramonte
March 27, 2023 270 view(s)
Celebrate spring with these products made in the PA Wilds

Photo: Spring glow at Colton Point State Park Tioga County - Bernadette-Chiaramonte

Trees are beginning to bud, flowers are starting to bloom, new birds are singing in the forest, tiny frogs are peeping from the ponds... spring is here! To help you celebrate spring in the Pennsylvania Wilds, we've put together a list of just some of the items that reflect this beautiful time of the year. Whether it's something that spruces up your spring wardrobe or helps you get ready for new warm-weather adventures, we have you covered. Best of all, these products are all handcrafted or designed in the PA Wilds by local artists who love where they live.


Spring Tulips Silk Scarf - Artwork by Julie Mader

Did you know there are 3,000 registered varieties of tulips? What better way to welcome spring and freshen your wardrobe than with this pretty scarf, decorated with the same flowers that poke their sleepy heads out of the ground when spring arrives!

One dozen tulips surrounded by a white border grace this soft silk scarf designed and handpainted in the PA Wilds. The tulip motifs were drawn by hand on both ends of the scarf before the stunning scarlet red background was added by the artist. Once painted, Julie wraps each piece separately and sets the dye permanently to the silk fibers using steam. She has chosen to use water soluble resist and steam setting to avoid the use of chemicals for all of her silk art. 


Eastern Bluebird Earrings - Jabebo LLC

There is a weather proverb that states, “Bluebirds are a sign of spring; warm weather and gentle south breezes they bring.” Bluebirds do not come north until all chance of winter has passed and they are assured an ample food supply.

Jabebo Studio created these images especially for these earrings. The detailed artwork and mismatched themes spark curiosity and interesting conversations. On the reverse side of the product you can see evidence of the cereal box used in the construction. They are perfect for environmental educators, scientists, and nature enthusiasts.

All our earrings make use of locally sourced cereal boxes in the packaging and in the base material of the earrings themselves. Their attractive clear coat helps to resist damage from water and UV light. 


All Natural Insect Repellent - Sue's Salves

With warmer weather, unfortunately, comes those pesky insects. If gnats, flies, mosquitos or other bugs are eating you alive while you're out on a spring adventure, make sure you pack this spray so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Sue’s All Natural Insect Repellent is crafted with 100% pure essential oils in an alcohol base. Why expose yourself to toxic chemicals commonly found in insect repellents when you can choose a safe and effective natural product?. Sue’s All Natural Bug Spray is designed to deter flies, mosquitoes and pesky insects naturally. Take it on camping trips, golfing, hiking, while gardening and on the river or the beach!


Adult Bear in a Kayak T-Shirt - PA Wilds Conservation Shop

As you're digging your kayak or canoe out of the garage for the season, make sure you have the proper attire to show your love of our PA Wilds waterways! This bear in a kayak will make you giggle... while also allowing you to proudly display your favorite hobby.

Designed by a Kane artist, this T-shirt has the "bear" essentials! The PA Wilds is known for its two National Wild & Scenic Rivers, the stunning West Branch, and 16,000 miles of waterways. It’s a growing destination for paddlers but also home to some of the Eastern United States's most spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities, which may include the occasional bear. And if you spot a bear boarding a kayak instead of swimming through the water, you might wonder, "Why?" Well, 'cause sometimes you don't need to bear the elements to enjoy nature.


  1. Adult Bear in a Kayak T-Shirt
    Adult Bear in a Kayak T-Shirt
    As low as $21.95

The "Fawn" Bar - The Wild Botanica

Fawns are typically born in late May or early June in Pennsylvania. This natural soap was inspired by these newborn deer and how spring brings the gentle reminder of new life. This bar is vegan/vegan-friendly, and Wild Botanica never uses animal fats like lard or tallow. The “Fawn” Bar is one of three soaps in the “Oh Deer” series: “Handmade soap for your whole herd.” It was inspired by Pennsylvania’s state animal, the white-tailed deer, which continues to flourish in forests across the region.

The scent is a calming and comforting warm classic oatmeal and sweet vanilla almond scent, which will leave you feeling calm and comforted. Trust in your natural instincts. It’s time to bed down for the night and rest! And remember, mama never wanders too far away…


State Park Passport Book - PA Wilds Conservation Shop

Does the fresh air and warmer weather make you inspired to explore? This passport book will help you check off (and stamp!) all of those PA state parks that you've been meaning to go to!

This 135-page passport includes maps, a history of the state’s park and forest system, a brief description and most memorable feature of each state park and forest, and additional online resources. Participants can track their visits to our public lands by initialing their book or having it stamped at the park or forest office. The Pennsylvania Passport not only guides people to our state parks and forests, but it also breaks down interest areas and challenges users to complete each area to receive recognition for their accomplishments with a special metal "dog tag" for the theme.


Beeman's Beeswax Furniture Polish - Rich Valley Apiary

The spring season also means spring cleaning! Get your house looking shiny and smelling great with this natural furniture polish, made right here in the PA Wilds.

Rich Valley Apiary's Beeman's Beeswax Furniture Polish is a great way to nourish and protect your wood surfaces in the home. Made with a base of beeswax and mineral oil with a hint of lemon essential oil for scent and cleaning power. Provided in an 8oz squeezable plastic dispenser it will help you make quick work of your cleaning projects!


Peat Bogs of the Allegheny Front Starter Deck - TSW Games

On those rainy spring days when it's just too muddy to be outside, you can still enjoy the outdoors... while indoors! Edge of Extinction is an educational and fun card game, celebrating our natural habitats within the PA Wilds.

The Peat Bogs of the Allegheny Front Starter Deck gives you the ability to begin playing immediately, without the need to purchase any additional cards. Outscore your opponents using carnivorous plants native to the Allegheny Front in west central Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Edge of Extinction: The Educational Trading Card Game is a first place award winning educational game and a Mensa Mind Games competitor. If your environment has the most points at the end of five rounds, YOU WIN!


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